Reflections from team members:

“ The people were very open to hearing the gospel and we saw several people give their lives to Christ as well as being able to share the gospel with dozens of people for the first time. It was an amazing experience. We worked as a team and in pairs and really felt God’s presence and blessings. The support from Entheos was great.” Janet

“ The team members were all thrilled with how easy it was to share their faith as compared to Sydney. They felt there was a real hunger for God. They also thought there was a good mixture on the trip, of one on one evangelism, along with exposure to the culture & some sight seeing.”  Margaret – Church Mission Coordinator

“ We spent a lot of time talking with people about their faith… It was fantastic spending so much time getting close to people. I didn't have any "miracle" conversions, unlike my daughter, but I still believe that every time spent witnessing helps to bring people closer to God. Various church services and home group meetings; were all amazing.” Graham

 “ I have just returned from a very exciting, rewarding and uplifting short term mission trip with Entheos to the Arab World…It was very enlightening  to speak with people in English about Jesus and find them eager to listen and discuss issues with you. Their religion is very much a part of their everyday living and so they are not reluctant to speak about religion as we are in Australia.” Ena

“I enjoyed the experience very much and appreciated being able to meet such a diverse group of people. I loved the people we met in every sphere and I support the effort to sustain and help the church grow and flourish with new members…” Meryl