Entheos is a contemporary mission agency.

We welcome Christians from various backgrounds who are responding to the ‘Great Commission’ of Jesus Christ (Matt. 28:19-20).

Entheos was launched in 2000AD by its founders Craig & Jackie. Craig is an ordained minister and holds degrees in theology and marketing.

The name ‘Entheos’ comes from the Greek words, ‘In God”. The word enthusiasm also has its origins here. So to be in God means we will be enthusiastic.

What Christian leaders say about ‘Entheos’:

“…Craig and Jackie’s vision in setting up ‘Entheos’ for the purpose of sending short term mission teams, to specific destinations, is of special interest. I am certain that in the future we will be sending teams through them.”
Pastor Graham Hoare – Baptist Church

“Entheos’ will be a door for those connected through relationship to serve the will of God. It is a wineskin, nothing more or less, to contain the new thing God is doing.”
Pastor Brent Williams – Christian City Church Pastor and YWAM Sydney Director for 20 years.

“Craig has considerable vision and energy for the growth of the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ…His ministry has resulted in people being converted to Christ and Christians being encouraged to boldly share the Gospel message with others…We are continuing to support them as they set up and establish ‘Entheos’.”
Rev. Trevor Filewood – Anglican Minister

“Craig is a long term friend and was one of my key staff members in Bible Soceity. He left to study and then was ordained to the ministry. His heart and gifting is in evangelsim and serveral years ago established an evangeslistic ministry [Entheos] which focuses on the people in the ‘10/40 Window’.”
Mr Tom Treseder – Former State Director, Bible Society